Support Fixings

Lindapter provides solutions for supporting HVAC equipment, pipe work, fire protection/sprinkler systems, suspended ceilings and electrical equipment from structural or secondary beams.  

Type FL – Beam Clamp

A flange clamp suitable for use with parallel or tapered flange beams, supplied with the rear hole drilled or tapped. The Type FL uses a hexagon head, high tensile cup point setscrew for secure grip can be used with Type SW – Swivel Unit when connecting to inclined sections 

Type F3 – Flange Clamp

A two part flange clamp with a large clamping range. The bolt can be substituted with either drop rod or J bolts. Supplied with or without bolt. 

Type Z10 – Purlin Clip

A purlin clip to suit a large range of purlin sections. Can be used with Type SW. 

Type HW/HC – Hemispherical Cup and Washers

For vertical suspension on angled surface of up to 10° swing either side of the vertical. The hemispherical washer (HW) can be used without the cup. Loads are subject to applications, please contact us.

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