Floor Fixings

Combining high performance with convenience, the entire range of Lindapter floor fixings for chequerplate and open grate flooring reduces the cost of installation and makes the use of the range cost-effective, quick and reliable.

There is no requirement for scaffolding or special equipment, as installation can be carried out without the need for access to the underside of the flooring.

Lloyds appLindapter floor fixings are fully tested for heat, vibration, service life and load capacity and are guaranteed products which carry various approvals for peace of mind when specifying in applications. With minimal protrusion above walkways there is no possibility of accidents, ensuring safety issues are not compromised.

Due to the fact that Lindapter floor fixings can be used without the need for a hot work permit, they are particularly suited to offshore, petrochemical and processing environments.

Type GF – Grate-Fast®

The Grate-Fast fixing enables rapid and secure connection of open grate flooring to steel sections. Grating can be fixed by one man, working from above, without the need to drill the steel or weld on site.

The standard product M10 (GF10) consists of a pre-assembled ‘top-hat’ bracket, socket head capscrew and body casting, and provides the additional benefit of increased clamping force over lower quality clips.

For specific applications it can be supplied with an extra-strength ‘top-hat’ bracket (GF210), for use with 30mm width floor grating bars ONLY.

The M8 Grate-Fast is designed specifically for use with GRP grating found in corrosive installations.

Type FF – Floorfast®

The Floorfast fixing is an ingenious design which enables steel floorplates to be fixed from above, by one man only, using simply a tee-handled hexagon key. There is no need for access from below and no site drilling or welding is required.

The product consists of a malleable iron body casting with a countersunk socket screw. The eccentric stepped web of the casting automatically locks under the steelwork and is suitable for flange thicknesses from 3mm to 15mm. Flanges above 15mm thickness can be accommodated by the use of a simple packing piece.

NB. Body castings cannot be supplied without screws.



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