Rail Fixings

Lindapter also offer a range of rail clips to suit many standard applications. Many of these fixings offer the most cost-effective method of fixing rails to sleepers, as well as proving easier and less time-consuming to fit than other types of clip which require welding to the sleepers.

Type BR – Rail Clip

Versatile clamp for steel beams or rail (low speed applications only). The skirt prevents the clamp rotating during installation. The BR tail spans slotted holes. Suitable for flanges up to 8°. 

Type LR – Adjustable Steelwork Clamp

The Type LR is a self-adjusting clamp suitable for various flange thicknesses and slopes of up to 15°. The fixing’s large clamping range allows for a single product type to be specified for a range of applications, or where precise flange dimensions are not available.

Type HD – Rail Clamp

Lindapter’s Type HD rail clips facilitate precise alignment of the rails by allowing a high degree of lateral adjustability. Three variants are available. 

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